Human Growth Hormone Levels

At HGH Miami .com we know that by the time you are over 30, your HGH levels are 80% less than your peak HGH levels during childhood. After the age of 35 your HGH levels continue to drop at a rate of about 15% every 10 years or so. But it is the drop in HGH level that occurs in your mid 30s that is the most significant. It is really a biological turning point. Now, your HGH level is not high enough for your body to repair all the damage that occurs to it. At this point your HGH levels are at a deficit, and you start to fight a losing battle against time. As your HGH levels get lower, and lower, the damage continues to overtake your body’s ability to repair it. We call that “ageing.” But it really is loss of HGH.

Do not misunderstand. HGH level does not affect your ultimate lifespan, or how long you will live. If we had some way to keep your HGH level the same as when you were 25, that does not mean you would live for 100s of years. Lifespan is determined by genetic and many other factors. If you are destined to live till about 80, boosting your HGH level may not necessarily make you live longer – but it will make you live STRONGER.

In other words your HGH level does not affect how long you will live, but how well you will age.

hgh-levelsThe human growth hormone or hgh levels start to drop as your age.

Usually, men who are around 30 years old enter a stage known as “somatopause“, a profound drop in human growth hormone levels. This is the reason why many of us experience symptoms of low energy, decreased libido, mood swings and so on.

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